Is annual leave weighing down your business?

An employer may struggle when managing their employees who bank their annual leave rather than taking it on a regular basis. These employees end up with large annual leave balances, which impose a growing contingent liability and a potential future cash flow problem when employees want to access a long period of paid leave.

Monitoring employee emails and internet usage

Employees often believe that technologies provided by their employer can be used like their own personal belongings. They are often unaware their employer’s is permitted to monitor emails and internet usage when the equipment is business property. Accordingly, it is important employees are clearly told by their employer their email and internet usage on employer

Annual Close Down – Time to Start Planning

At this time each year, employers may be starting to plan for an annual close-down over the Christmas and New Year period. Annual close-down refers to the general closing down of an employer’s business (or part thereof) for the purposes of allowing employees to take their annual leave concurrently at a certain date for a

Emergency Management Leave – Employer Obligations

With the devastating fires experienced in WA’s south west earlier this year, many employees who volunteer with emergency management organisations were required to assist. Here we look at legal obligations and strategies to manage and facilitate leave in these situations. What is community service leave? Community service leave is derived from Division 8 of the

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