June 2021 Update from the President


The financial year end and the end of the first semester for 2021 is approaching rapidly as we take stock and review our annual performance and planning for the financial year ahead. I am sure that many of you are just like us wondering how we got to the middle of the year so quickly, as there never seems to be enough time or sufficient resources to cope with the ever-increasing workloads and commitments we are all faced with.

Recently we relished in the opportunity to conference with all the other 9 regions of our State representing the 45 Regional Chambers of Commerce & Industry of WA over two days in Perth.  The regions are all sharing similar stories and themes of working under pressure in a highly volatile and overheated economy due to increased demand and the significant stimulus measures in place.  The major areas of our discussions centred around: the significant increase in market demand; the shortage of critical resources and materials; the lack of employees with the relevant skills to meet the current and rising demand; the shortage and availability of suitable and affordable housing in all markets; the inflationary pressure and risks due to rising costs and tighter supply lines; and the pressure of time do deal with this increased workload.  Whilst this may sound like a bit of a whinge, the overall business confidence remains high and it produced some very lively and active engagement with our political and business leaders to look for solutions to address these areas of concern. We are all working together as the RCCIWA and also with our metro-centric colleagues, the CCIWA, to ensure we focus on solutions and actions to support our industries and communities with our Local Governments, Regional Development agencies and both our relevant State and Federal Governments.

The Bunbury Geographe Chamber of Commerce & Industry has a significant voice in representing and advocating for our business communities across the six local government areas that we represent. To do this effectively and achieve the outcomes desired, we rely on a small but committed group of business volunteers who give up their time freely and share their expertise for the greater good of the extended business community. Our small and dedicated team at the Chamber provide an extensive range of support and service to our members. We are however constrained by the costs of delivering these services effectively and have to rely on our business partners and members and events to provide the funding we need to match our members expectations. We need the active and financial participation of all our business sectors to ensure that we survive and continue to serve your needs. The BGCCI have completed an extensive review of our services and costs and will be forced to increase the membership fees and the financial support we have enjoyed without change for many of the past years. We need your financial support and active participation so that we can continue to represent your regional business and community interests.

The AGM is due to be called for mid-August and we are seeking new members and business partners as well as nominations for our Board and Executive Committees. Please consider participating and making your voice heard and ensuring that your business sector is well represented in your local and regional CCI’s.

Kind regards,

Rob Skipsey

Gold Partners