March Update from the CEO.

There is no doubt that we are currently experiencing a worldwide medical emergency with the Covid-19 pandemic and the rapid escalation of cases and community infections in Western Australia and Australia. As a result of the movement restrictions, business closures and preventative measures taken, we are experiencing an economic downturn on a scale we have not witnesses for many generations.

Our personal, business and community health will always remain our first priority and we can only trust that  the leaders of our country and state will enact the proportionate control measures to minimise the impact so that we do not exceed the capacity of our health system to cope with the influx of patients.

We look on with horror at the news and social media reports to see the number of deaths reported from Asia, Europe and now the USA. We hope that we will use utilise our geographic isolation and enact the strict physical isolation measures required in time to protect our at-risk population. Most in our community, including myself, have never ever experienced a situation like this before and it is a daily scramble to keep up with the latest developments.

If you are a BGCCI member business in the Bunbury Geographe area and require some support, assistance or particular HR advice, remember that your BGCCI membership gives you access to our Regional Chamber network as well as the CCIWA HR Help desk. This service allows you to discuss and receive advice on your particular business issues or around Covid-19, in a confidential setting.

If you are not a member, we would still welcome your call and we can put you in touch with our members who offer business support and HR specialist advice in our area.  Please also monitor our website and Facebook page for the latest information and updates.

The Chamber welcomes the financial support announced by the Federal and State Governments. We continue to lobby for specific support for our regional businesses and vulnerable small businesses.  The announcements on the financial hardship support to employees who have lost their jobs is encouraging and we trust that this may be enough for these people to get through this crisis.

We welcome the news from the banking sector on allowing a six month payment holiday on business loans and home loans to those affected, and we also welcome the news from the State Government on payroll tax concessions and we strongly support the federal governments payments up to $100K to businesses to maintain employment levels. 

These  measures will give businesses an opportunity to analyse the numbers and take the appropriate action that is in the best interests of the business and employees.

As your local Chamber we are here to support you and provide assistance in any way we can. We will continue to assess the responses and information available and will send out updates on how to access the resources and support services you will require.

Our guiding themes as a business and community organisation during this crisis are:

Be Informed – Seek your information from trusted government sources and the CCI.

Be Wise – Wash your hands regularly and Sanitise.

Be Safe – Isolate & separate – the number contacts you have is directly related to your exposure and risk level.

Be Considerate – Take and use only what you need to use for now to prevent panic and ensure availability for all. Follow the directives and guidance of our authorities

Be Supportive – Help others in need, especially those at risk, the vulnerable, our aged and our special needs community.

Embrace – The collective power of working together to solve problems, innovate and support each other.



Take Care, be positive and Stay Safe.

 Mark Seaward.

Gold Partners