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Want to grow your profits with happier customers?

To differentiate yourself from your competitors, grow your profits, and become a retail market leader, it is vital to engage and listen to your customers. That’s where HappyOrNot comes in.

This customer friendly and intelligent service has been utilized in many of the largest retail chain organizations across the globe for years. It offers you an easy way to collect valuable and insightful feedback data from your customers, analyse current service performance, and gain intelligence to make strategic operational improvement decisions. Through Key Performance Indicator and management tools, you can also effortlessly measure customer centric KPIs like customer retention and customer satisfaction.

Benefits include:
• Easily and accurately measure you customer service performance
• Quickly identify and fix problems with your customer service
• Compare and benchmark your business against others
• Build loyalty through great customer experience
• Grow your profits

Want to grow your profits with happier customers?


Smiley Terminal™: Collect maximum feedback

Totally wireless, “press of a Smiley” feedback collecting solution helps you collect maximum feedback with its exceptional ease of use and approachability.

Capture your customers’ perceptions of your service performance at the exact time and point of experience.
• Ready to use in minutes
• Quick to assemble and activate, right out of the box
• Completely wireless
• Allows you to place the terminal at the exact point of interaction, and move when needed.
• Zero energy consumption
• Runs on D-cell batteries with 3+ year life. Provides an “always on” mode ready to collect feedback.


Misuse Protection: A built-in custom setting that filters out excessive button presses to ensure the accuracy of your data.

Web & Email Reports: Role, Location, and time-based result summaries sent to your email.

Interaction Reports: 1-page printable summary report for sharing your results internally and in location.

Social Sharing: Click-to-share summary image for sharing your results online

HappyOrNot API: Integrate your HappyOrNot results into your company’s own dashboard.

Happy or Not
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Intelligent Data Analytics

The Happy or Not web-based Reporting Service helps you track and manage your performance by transforming your feedback into data analytics that are clear and actionable.

Intuitive charts and graphs help you pinpoint issues and uncover causes, and trending data makes measuring and validating your improvement actions effortless.

Quick View – your status at a glance

Quick View gives you an instant overview of your key performance results summarized in easy-to-understand, informative widgets. Quick View helps you focus on the most important information, and save time getting it.

With immediate access to your key performance status, you can make necessary improvement decisions faster and more effectively.

Analytics – digging deeper into your results

Analytics offers your feedback results in interactive charts and graphs, enabling you to research long-term trends and pinpoint exact times and places of service decline.

The drill down functionality and data exporting gives you full control to analyze your past and current performance results, so you can make more informed improvement decisions for the future success of your business.


The Bunbury Geographe Chamber of Commerce and Industry has partnered with Happy or Not – the global leader in instant customer and employee satisfaction reporting with our innovative feedback smileys.

Happy or Not has broad experience in both European and US markets that has enabled an extensive worldwide market intelligence database. Thanks to vast insight from various industries and several global industry leaders, Happy or Not has a firm background to help increase customer and employee happiness.

• Since 2009

The globally-recognized and trusted 4 Smileys capture the satisfaction levels of your customers and employees in just seconds. The feedback collecting Smileys and data analytics solution will help improve your customer experience, workplace happiness, and bottom line.

Happy or Not allows you to turn customer feedback into a measurable KPI.


Register today to take part in this innovative pilot program. Become one of a select group of businesses in the region to take a leading role in improving your customer service.

Bunbury Geographe Chamber of Commerce and Industry members can pre-register for only $199/month – a savings of $50/month off the usual price.

Complete the pre-registration form by clicking the link below. Our customer service representative will contact you to get you started with HappyOrNot!

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