Call for China Connect EOIs

                         Yan Lyu

Do you want to connect with China?

The Jiaxing Business Office is planning a trip to China in 2018 and is asking if you want to be a part of it.
In the first instance, expressions of interest are being sought from businesses and those seeking cultural links. The next stage will see the group of potential visitors sit down together and work out the best time to go to connect with events.
Bunbury-based China Office employee, Yan Lyu said: “At this point we want to know who wants to go and why. Once we know what people want to achieve we can tailor our visit around their goals.

“The China Connect trip will provide an excellent introduction to China so visitors can make some new contacts and see what it’s all about.”
A number of South West people have already made the trip. They will generally tell you that the first visit is a huge learning experience – and the benefit is that Mr Lyu will be travelling with the party so the group will have a translator.

It is expected that the main benefits include the general enjoyment of travelling to a new place in the company of other South West people. Visitors looking to export products can also capitalise on the resources offered by Austrade or piggyback on Vinexpo, Asia’s leading wine show.

Whether travelling as a buyer or seller, the learning experience is expected to be invaluable. The trip could take in the amazing Canton Fair or business introductions could be arranged. The whole point of the EOI process is that those visiting will be setting the agenda.

To register your EOI, email without obligation.

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