City of Bunbury to be congratulated


19 October 2017

The Mayor, councillors, executive and staff of the City of Bunbury are to be congratulated on supporting the CBD Activation proposal identified through a community engagement process initiated and facilitated by the city.

The City, through its elected representatives and officers, has for some time been engaged in forums that consistently identified that there is a great story to tell about our region and the CBD but that it requires funding to get the positive messages out there, and encourage visitation by residents and visitors to the region. It is appreciated that this is a strategic expenditure choice made by the City of Bunbury, in the face of increasing budget demands, to facilitate the economic future of the City and region for all our benefits.

Chamber President David Kerr said “I sometimes hear the naysayer’s comment that ‘it’s not all about the CBD’ but they are missing the point. What is good for one part of our region is good for the whole region and parochialism and naysaying needs to be replaced by strategic understanding and positivity if we are to succeed together.”

The CBD is a strategic asset just as our waterways, other shopping precincts, arts and entertainment assets, Greater Bunbury population, hinterlands, industry and agriculture, port, community, sport and health services are. Local government boundaries are irrelevant in this regard and the increasing cooperation across boundaries is creating new opportunity.  If we can work positively together and encourage (and applaud) the success of others in the region then we will all benefit through increased  economic development and job creation which leads to a healthier and more vibrant community.


Contact: David Kerr President Bunbury Geographe Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 0418 666 089.

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