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WorkFocus Australia
Member: WorkFocus Australia
Phone: 9707 2306
Address: Unit 1/21 Victoria Street
City: Bunbury
Post Code: 6230
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WorkFocus Australia is leading Vocational Rehabilitation provider in the South West. We are a team of Occupational Therapists and Exercise Physiologists who assist individuals who have been injured at work. We work alongside our clients and their employers, insurance agents, treating doctors, specialist and allied health providers to achieve positive return to work outcomes. We also undertake a range of occupational health and safety services. We also provide a tailored rehabilitation service for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients (ATSI).

Work + health = Better life
We support people to better health and work outcomes, knowing how important they are for a full and positive life

Simply hassle-free
We make the claims experience uncomplicated, supportive and hassle-free

Discover a better way
We continue to discover new and better solutions to lead the industry in supporting people return to work and life

Learn through listening
We actively listen with care and empathy, then we apply what we have learnt

Work with meaning and respect
We foster a fun and positive environment through mutual respect, professionalism and shared purpose

We are a national company and in Western Australia we have offices based in Perth and Bunbury. We service all of regional Western Australia.

WorkFocus Australia originally opened in Perth and has been part of the Bunbury community since 1989 and previously held an office space on Forrest Avenue before expanding to where we now reside at Unit 1 / 21 Victoria Street in the CBD.

As a team of allied health professionals, we provide Vocational Rehabilitation Services all over the south west. This includes the following;

• Case management for physical and psychological injuries;
• Medical case conferencing;
• Worksite assessments;
• Ergonomic assessments;
• Manual Handling Training;
• Physical Work Performance Evaluations (PWPE;
• Health Assessments;
• Job Demand Analysis;
• Coordination of return to work services;
• Development and implementation of injury management systems
• Initial assessment meetings
• ATSI tailored rehabilitation services;
• Delivery of mental health education seminars;
• Vocational Assessment and Counselling
• Adjustment counselling services
• Employment Services
• Transition to work coaching and supportive job seeking

Some of Workfocus Australia’s major achievements nationally have been:

1. Over 33,370 people back to work and health since 1997
2. Assisted more than 4,250 clients in the past year
3. Coached over 2,280 people to reach their work and life goals in the past year
4. Supporting over 2,350 employers nationally a year
5. 76% of our workplace team are women, and 60% are managers.
WorkFocus Australia has joined the Bunbury Geographe Chamber of Commerce because we are heavily involved with allied health professionals, local business and community members of Bunbury and south west region. Providing quality Vocational Rehabilitation services to our community is our priority. The Bunbury chamber will provide us with the platform to network and collaborate with other Bunbury Chamber members to build on our service and our clients experiences of our services which is an exciting opportunity.

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