Member: Waveco
Mobile: 0407 954 904
Address: 10 Sherry Street
City: Bunbury
Post Code: 6230
Website Address: http://www.waveco.com.au
Long Business Description:

A little timeline of the last 10 years – Airwave started off as an art concept. A sail-like sheet of canvas anchored to the ocean floor by screw in sand anchors, with an air bubble underneath to create the shape of the Airwave. The process from design concept to first full size prototype has taken ten years of thought, interspersed with children, other life stuff, many phone calls, meetings, driving, flying and of course prototypes


“Waveco is the company behind the Airwave Technology”
We believe that the world’s beaches are an unlimited and magical resource, from which humans can extract equally, feelings of excitement, joy, tranquility and fulfillment.  Whilst simply sitting on a beach is more than enough to tap into some of these emotions, surfing a perfect wave, paddling back out to sit amongst fellow humans, also brings with it a treasure trove of positive human emotions which benefit both health, spirituality and mental wellbeing. This is the magic that Waveco would like to share with the world.

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