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My mission is to help businesses and individuals to connect, ignite their energy and reach greatness through group and one-on-one programs .
I began to notice something throughout my decades of experience working across array of industries and corporate roles. When I helped people realign their energy and step into their most confident selves, a shift would occur. The overall work environment and business performance improved immensely. Ideas flowed, energies were high, and the business started to achieve and outperform its goals through a collaborative approach. Not only did the company excel, but so did the individual. Passion filled their eyes, and they found purpose and excitement in their day-to-day in and outside of work. I’ve always loved working closely with people, and after seeing the effects my work had on team members and businesses over the years, I knew I was onto something.

And so, my journey began where I learned how to fuse my corporate experiences and passion for helping people step into their fullest potential into a whole new business model. After completing a degree in Psychology, degree in Human Resource Management, and obtaining my certification in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) ®️, I have developed a unique approach that merges the practices behind traditional psychological theories with energy science to help people increase passion, focus, and accountability to not only deliver outstanding results in the workplace but also in one’s life.

Corporate Services Offered
The sciences that form the foundation of traditional psychological and non-traditional modalities are combined in a unique way to develop connection and positive energy in the workplace helping your organisation thrive on an individual and group level. If you are here reading this, you are probably curious about what you could be enhancing in your organisation even if you can’t quite put your finger on what it is. These services will be able to deliver to you the ‘secret sauce’ that will enhance conscious leadership, inclusivity, psychological safety, retention/attraction of key personnel, effective teamwork and level up your business to give you an edge over your competitors.
Programs are designed and customised to bridge the gap on where you are to where you need or want to be. After the delivery of a customised program you may notice your teams becoming excited about being a part of the organisation and find that they will live the organisational values every day. Through work in conscious leadership awareness, subconscious programming awareness and specifically targeting psychological safe workplaces,  teams and individuals within the business will see, feel and connect with the organisation’s vision and will be driven to achieve the overall mission of the organisation.

These programs will bring about unbelievable results through balancing the heart and head of your organisation that will deliver a positive psychology in employees at all levels.

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