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Please note that EOIs will be assessed by RAC on a quarterly basis.

Standard process:

1. Initial Discussions / Application

BGCCI Member will complete an EOI form and send to BGCCI for consideration. The Chamber will review the EOI for completeness and forward to RAC. RAC will send any feedback or request for additional information regarding the EOI application to BGCCI to forward to the partner; a revised EOI may be requested.

2. RAC Review

If appropriate RAC will present the final completed EOI to Executive for review. RAC will continue to liaise with BGCCI and advise of any further feedback.

3. Acceptance/Decline

Subject to internal approvals, RAC will advise BGCCI of successful applicants to the Program for inclusion in the next round, or the decline of the offer.

4. Launch

This is the next scheduled intake of when the offer will be made available to all RAC members. All reporting and agreed processes must also begin on this commencement date. BGCCI will work with the Partner to ensure all tracking is ready for inclusion and Partners have their POS packs.

What's in it for BGGCI members

RAC will provide its logo for use in accepted Member Benefit Partners marketing channels as approved by RAC.RAC will provide POS material for the Partner to display in their store. Any requests to include the RAC logo must be presented to RAC for approval before proceeding.

RAC will provide a link on its member benefits page at directing to BGCCI’s website where the full terms and conditions of the Partners offers will be available.

RAC will include the approved Partners offer and locations on its smartphone app and in other RAC member communications i.e. Electronic Direct Mail, Print and other channels from time to time.

Gold Partners