Bridge over Collie River

The deck of the 224-metre bridge over the Collie River is taking shape, with the first and second concrete pours successfully completed during June.

Construction is on schedule. Key milestones achieved to date include finishing installation of all bridge piles and concrete pile caps. Upcoming works are centred on installing bridge beams, pouring concrete for the deck and finishing with an asphalt road surface. The bridge works will be completed with installation of bridge lighting and guardrails, which will then allow the Shires of Dardanup and Harvey to complete the approach roads.

The bridge consists of steel beams with a concrete deck on top. A different type of bridge launch method has been implemented and being used as a means to save cost and time. More information about the bridge launch and the latest works is available in the July newsletter from Main Roads WA.

This new link will provide a direct connection and a third alternative route between the Shires, as well as:

  • Reduce the pressure on Forrest Highway and Old Coast Road and improve safety. (Old Coast Road’s average daily traffic is currently close to full capacity).
  • Provide faster access for emergency service vehicles resulting in critical time savings.
  • Reduce travel time for private and commercial vehicles.
  • Reduce travel distance between the Millbridge and Treendale communities by approximately 10 km (residents currently travel via Forrest Highway).
  • Provide a link between the commercial precincts of the two subdivisions and Shires.
  • Improve road infrastructure to the growing light industrial area in Treendale.
  • Travel time and cost savings for road users travelling between Eaton and the Treendale shopping precinct.
  • An opportunity for improved bus services with shorter travelling times.
  • A direct pedestrian and cycling link.


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