Myalup-Wellington Water for Growth

Economic development initiative

The Myalup-Wellington project is an industry-led initiative, proposed by Collie Water to reduce salinity in Wellington Dam, Western Australia’s second largest reservoir with a capacity of 185 gigalitres (GL).

It is a significant economic development project involving private proponent Collie Water, the State Government and the Commonwealth, to substantially increase production capacity, create jobs and economic uplift in the under-developed Collie River Irrigation District and Myalup Irrigated Agricultural Precinct.

The project is a major opportunity to help diversify Western Australia’s regional economy through irrigated agriculture. Currently, just 6557 hectares of the available 34 600 hectares of the Collie River, Harvey and Waroona districts are irrigated.

It is proposed that saline water flowing into Wellington Dam be diverted from the Collie River East Branch to a mine void, with that water then treated in a new desalination plant located near Collie. A new, smaller Burekup Weir will be built upstream to enable water delivery to be powered by gravity. Irrigation channels will be replaced with a new pressurised pipe network.

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