CEO Update for September 2020

This article bookends my time as the CEO of the BGCCI. The organisation has gone through significant change over the last three years and I leave the organisation a vibrant and relevant organisation.

I will not be disappearing entirely as my new role will ensure that I will continue to utilise the CCI network across the state to achieve the goals of my new position.

This has not been a decision I have made lightly as it was long an ambition of mine to lead this organisation, though, I have been but the temporary custodian of a great organisation that has been operating since 1905. I have felt the gaze of past custodians and often wonder what they would make of the organisation and the Business Community we serve today.

My true taskmasters however have been you the Members and the general Business Community of this wonderful region that we choose to live in. you are a vocal and forthright lot unafraid to tell me when we get it wrong and wise enough to let us know when we get it right. Thank you to our members for all your kind words over the last month and I will  miss our daily interactions.

As our article in this paper two weeks ago pointed out my biggest legacy will be the work we did on the BORR Project . Working with Main Roads to arrive at a point where a significant minimum spend was written into the tender that will deliver significant investment to the local community over the next 4 years.

Smaller but no less significant achievement has been setting up the Geographe for Purpose NFP subcommittee and the establishment of the Certified Local Accreditation program which fed into the work we did on the BORR. It has been a privilege to work with these committed organisations whose purpose is to do good in the community.

Another highlight that is a part of the role was attending the Regional Chambers Bi-annual meetings at Parliament house. The opportunity to speak directly to State Ministers on the issues facing regional WA is invaluable. Being a part of the RCCIWA Executive over the last year was also a sobering but rewarding experience, especially during COVID.

We continue to host the Working Together program which aims to connect young Aboriginal people to training, Apprenticeship and job opportunities, Kristy Carriage is an asset to the Chamber and the program, her commitment and passion to the role has been inspiring.

While the projects and operations of the Chamber are important, the activity that makes a bigger difference to our region is the involvement of our Executive on other Boards, Committees, working groups and our contribution to the hundreds of meetings and consultations we get invited to each year

The BGCCI’s impact on our Business Community is rarely seen by the general public but we are very grateful to have the support of our Gold Partners, Corporate Partners and Members  so that we can continue to do this important work on behalf of our Community.

So, I leave this role with few regrets, happy that I gave it everything I had and stepped up to whatever the role required of me, it is now time for someone else to continue the important work on behalf of the Business Community.

Gold Partners