CEO Update September 2019

Welcome to the first digital edition of Business Focus from the BGCCI.
It has been a difficult transition from the paper magazine but we hope to reach a wider audience with the digital newsletter and our upcoming TV and Radio ads.

We set ourselves a difficult task of publishing the first edition in a month where we had the BGCCI AGM, the Halifax CCTV tender awarding, sustainability festival,  Manea Senior College BAH,  visit from Senator Louise Pratt, a busy bee long weekend where we have removed the bar area and to top it off I was sick earlier in the month.

So we apologise for getting it out late but hopefully as we get used to producing the e-magazine we will get better at it.

This initial publication is a bit light on for content and we are hoping to get contributions from our membership base, if you have a talent for writing and would like to submit an article on a topic that you believe the membership would benefit from then send it to me at Please no advertorials but you will get your name published with the article.

If you would like to advertise a special offer or just promote your business we will have a paid content section in the publication. the advantages of this format is we can link it to your website for further information. contact Bernie at for more information.

Congratulations to BTS who have been awarded the Halifax CCTV tender and a huge thanks to the Halifax businesses who have agreed to host a camera on their premises, we really would not be able to deploy this system without your support. they know who they are but we have to let them remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

I would also like to welcome the newly elected Executive Committee and office holders and look forward to working with you over the next 12 months.


Mark Seaward.

Gold Partners