February 2021 Update from the President

In the run up to the WA State Elections in March, the Bunbury Geographe Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BGCCI) as the major local business association in the South West, released our key advocacy areas (below) prior to the start of the elections campaigning season:-

The BGCCI proudly advocate for, and strongly support building enhanced regional capability and capacity for our communities by:

  • Recognising the importance of our regional economic contribution to the WA economy;
  • Recognising the need for locating a significant State Department presence, State Enterprises and Services in the South West to support this regional growth;
  • Pursuing improved funding and preferencing for Regional Development and significant investments in our SW infrastructure and strategic industrial areas;
  • Promoting the delivery of digital infrastructure and the investment in advanced manufacturing and processing technology centres of excellence;
  • Promoting increased local procurement and participation in key projects and the sustainability of our local businesses in the South West;
  • Promoting opportunities for creating regional jobs, sustainable employment and the retention of key skills in our region;
  • Supporting the funding and development of affordable housing to sustain our growth;
  • Endorsing the development and growth of regional health infrastructure and supporting facilities;
  • Encouraging the gradual transition to sustainable and environmentally friendly renewable energy sources; and
  • Promoting our regional lifestyle and values as a preferred option.

The key projects and taskforces that the BGCCI are working on:-

  • SW Future Jobs and Skills Forum to map out our future needs – planned for August 2021
  • SW Jobs and Skills Taskforce and the Local Jobs Plan/Program, a Federal initiative to secure placements for our job seekers and unemployed
  • SW Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) initiative with all SW LGA’s participating to identify significant skill gaps and key vacancies that we need to recruit from overseas
  • Bunbury Outer Ring Road Local Business Advisory Group (BORR LBAG) to ensure that at least $300M of the project in procured locally
  • Change makers and young leaders’ forums to engage with the voice of our future
  • SW AMTECH – advanced manufacturing hub industry Group working on the feasibility study
  • Bunbury Now’s the Time – advocacy for the City of Bunbury 2nd City and increased regional status to attract a significant presence of State and Federal services and agencies to Bunbury
  • Shire of Dardanup 2050 Vision and launch.

The year ahead and in particular the next few months will be very busy as we settle down with a new State Government, Cabinet and most likely some Ministries as well.  The road to recovery agenda and the executing the significant economic stimulus packages driving our industries and key business sectors will provide opportunities for the continued growth and development of our region. Our major focus rests on our ability to execute these opportunities and provide the people and skills and housing that will underpin these projects.

Rob Skipsey

President BGCCI

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