October Update from the President

Following the great success of our Business After Hours event in September, here are some further highlights from Albemarle

At Kemerton near Bunbury, Albemarle are constructing a lithium hydroxide processing plant, representing US$1+B investment by Albermarle in the South West Region.

Although new to Western Australia, Albemarle is a well-established global company, with strong values and a long history of servicing customers worldwide with high quality products.

Albemarle have recognised that a primary area for future growth is in lithium.  Once operational, the product from Kemerton will feed global demand for electric vehicle production, technological and medical devices and grid storage applications.

Currently, over 600 workers are constructing the Kemerton processing plant, represented by various contracting companies, primarily sourced from the South West region.  For future operations, we have recently launched a recruitment campaign for a variety of positions.  Over 300 permanent employees will be required.  South West Personnel are recruiting on our behalf for operator and trade roles.  With our commitment to diversity, training and development, the links provided withing this article are worth perusing to find out more.

We are actively engaging with suppliers to supply goods and services for future operations.  We are seeking contracts across a variety of categories from raw material suppliers, to maintenance, industrial equipment, consultancy services and more.

Kemerton trains 1 & 2 are part of the MARBL Lithium Joint Venture, a 60:40 joint venture between subsidiaries of Albermarle and Mineral Resources Limited. That Joint Venture also include the Wodgina Mine.

For further information:

www.albemarle.com/western-australia – supply and procurement opportunities

www.southwestpersonnel.com.au – for operator and trade roles

www.albemarle.com/careers – for all other career opportunities.


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