Southern Darling Range Employment Facilitator

Member: Southern Darling Range Employment Facilitator
Phone: 0407 958 181
Mobile: 0407 958 181
Address: PO Box 5335
City: Falcon
Post Code: 6210
Long Business Description:

Employment Facilitators

Employment Facilitators are an on-the-ground presence that support the delivery of the Local Jobs Program by bringing together key stakeholders including employers, employment service providers, and higher education and training organisations to work collaboratively.

What services do Employment Facilitators provide?
Employment Facilitators provide a range of services including:

Delivering key government employment initiatives such as the Local Jobs Program and the Regional Employment Trials program.
Chairing the Local Jobs and Skills Taskforces drawing on local expertise, resources and access to funding to focus on reskilling, upskilling and employment pathways.
Working with local retrenched workers, job seekers and employers to provide advice and links to resources to support quick transitions to new job opportunities and other existing support.
Improving employment opportunities for the local community – including people who wish to enter the workforce, change jobs, upskill and for those who are unemployed.
Working with key stakeholders such as employers, jobactive providers, training organisations and education providers.

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