Halifax CCTV Press Release

Local business secures first contract on Halifax business upgrade project

There will soon be many extra eyes watching over Halifax and Davenport in Bunbury to improve security through a State Government-funded project that aims to make the areas more attractive places to conduct business.

Local Halifax based business BTS has won a contract to install closed-circuit television as part of a wider enhancement project designed to improve security, safety, access and infrastructure for local businesses.

Made possible with $3 million in State Government funding, the initiative will involve the installation of CCTV, improving the road network by installing a slip lane, and providing sewerage.

The first component of the project is managed by the Bunbury Geographe Chamber of Commerce and Industry and will involve the installation of CCTV at 22 strategic locations. Additional lighting will also be installed.

BGCCI chief executive officer Mark Seaward said being able to reward the contract to a Davenport business was a good outcome.

“Businesses will have peace of mind knowing that their businesses will be watched over 24 hours a day,” Mr Seaward said.

“Images from the CCTV cameras will be sent using NBN infrastructure to the data centre at the Bunbury library to the police station by fibre optic cable.”

South West Development Commission acting chief executive officer Ashley Clements said the State Government agency was pleased to have been with the Halifax Working Group to address concerns raised by local business owners.

“This project will unlock opportunities for long-terms business growth and jobs creation,” Mr Clements said.

“Bunbury is a great place to conduct business and these upgrades will provide an environment that is more attractive to businesses and investors.

“The State Government is committed to including local content in projects it funds, and we are pleased to see that local businesses are benefiting not only through the upgrades themselves, but also during the project delivery phase.”

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