South West Leaders

The South West Leaders Program is a 12 month mentor-mentee partnership program with the aim to provide individuals, both as a Mentor or a Mentee, with a rich and supportive learning environment to challenge their current way of thinking around their potential in terms of personal growth, professional development and career progression.

The program is open to anyone in the South West who has a desire to learn and develop their skillset, or provide guidance to someone, as well as forming a strong professional partnership.

South West Leaders has been running for 4 years, started by the WA Police & South West District Superintendent Geoff Stewart. It has grown exponentially, and in 2022/23 had 150 participants in the program (75 pairs). It provides fabulous professional development & networking opportunities, and many people in the program have participated multiple times.

The program is FREE to partake in, and does not matter the level, position or title you hold, nor where you are based in the South West.

The Program is supported by a series of events & activities, (some which will incur costs of tickets);

- breakfast events with keynote speakers

- sundowner networking events

- Leadership 30’s & 60’s – online webinars with guest speakers from around the world,

- and a regular newsletter

Applications for 2023/24 are now closed. Applicants will be notified of their matching soon

Am I a Mentor or Mentee?


  • Provide support and motivate
  • Listen and ask open questions
  • Encourage and guide
  • Suggest and provide network opportunities


  • Be engaging
  • Listen and consider
  • Be receptive to feedback
  • Have an open mind

The 2023/24 program will run from September 2023 - September 2024. Once you are paired up with your mentor/mentee, it is up to you to schedule meetings and develop the relationship. There are no guidelines on what you discuss or focus on – this is individual to each partnership.

Key Dates:

  • 2nd August: Applications Open
  • 30th August: Application Close
  • 4th – 16th September: The Project Team will work to match you with your Mentor/Mentee
  • 12th October: Program Launch Event
    SAVE THE DATE! This is where you will meet your Mentor/Mentee for the first time
Mentors and Mentees will need to commit to the full 12-month program. Both participants success in the program requires regular contact and participating in the learning events.
Meetings do not all have to be face to face. Geographical location or time availability should not be considered an obstacle.
In the unlikely event the partnership is not working (availability, timing, work demands, incompatibility, etc), there is a No-Fault Exit Clause. A reserve list of Mentors and Mentees will be available, if needed.

Have queries? Contact any of the Project Team

Geoff Stewart - WA Police | 0457 816 933

Danny Griffin - Laminex Australia/Bunbury Geographe CCI | 0477 759 140

Julie Broad - Bunbury Geographe CCI | 0437 398 726

If having issues with the application process, contact the Bunbury Geographe CCI on 9791 2292 or email