Women in Business

Globally women now constitute 53% of the worlds population. Women comprise 47.4% (ABSdata) of all employed persons in Australia. If US data is reflective of similar statistics in Australia,Female entrepreneurship statistics for 2021 indicate that women own 31% of small businessesor franchises – Grudent Financial.

According to AEO Works, women first started to run their own businesses in 1972. Historically women have not always been welcomed into the world of business and commerce. However, times have changed and with more educated women entering the workforce and starting home based enterprises that become multi-million-dollar enterprises, the narrative is changing.

The Bunbury Geographe Chamber of Commerce recognise the significant contribution that women play in our business world. Over the past few decade’s women have been pushing the boundaries and recreating the rules that have dictated the role they play in society, starting and building thriving businesses, leading corporations and as always making a powerful difference in our communities.

Societal norms are changing rapidly. As more and more women succeed in their careers, they recognise the struggle they endured to get there. Many are supporting other up and coming women to find their path, giving them opportunities that previously wouldn’t have been within their grasp. Fathers, uncles, brothers and friends are seeing the power and potential that women offer in business and nurturing, developing and support their talents.