Words from the CEO - Reconciliation Week 2023

June 1, 2023
CEO Update

As a Chamber of Commerce, Reconciliation Week presented an opportunity to promote reconciliation, understanding, and collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.  

What we have achieved: 

Acknowledging Reconciliation Week: Highlighting the importance of reconciliation in promoting social harmony, economic prosperity, and cultural understanding. 

Promote Indigenous Engagement: Working Together Project led by Amy Brown

- About the program: Working Together is a dedicated service providing information, support and advice to business owners and operators in the Southwest to attract, recruit and retain young Aboriginal employees. Working in collaboration with your local Aboriginal Workforce Services team, Working Together aims to expand work opportunities for young local Aboriginal people. This is done by talking to and educating local businesses. It is about delivering local jobs for local people. 

- Benefits for our members: Having a diverse workplace that welcomes Aboriginal employees brings a range of benefits – Your business grows with the unique perspectives, experience and knowledge that Aboriginal people can bring to your team and your whole community benefits. 

Whether it is offering employment or work experience and becoming a workplace of choice for young Aboriginal people, Working Together is here to support you to grow your community’s local employment prospects and opportunities. 

Education and Awareness: We encourage members to refer to the Reconciliation Australia website for information on initiatives and resources.

Cultural Understanding: Our team will soon spend time developing further cultural awareness and knowledge.  

Collaboration and Partnerships: We believe in the importance of collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses. Encourage joint ventures, partnerships, and mentorship opportunities. Promote cross-cultural collaborations that benefit both parties and contribute to economic growth.  

Community Involvement: Participation in the Reconciliation Walk last Friday, listening to stories and witnessing so many young people wanting to live in harmony.